Strongly Suggested Access Products

I use the tools of Access Consciousness® in every part of my life, they have got me out of debt, changed the way I view my body and allowed me to create the life I could never even dream of.


  • These are all the processes from the LIVE radio shows from Voice America every week… $10 a month. Easy. Click here

  • This is one of the most epic monthly subscriptions you can sign up for. It has monthly videos, processes, telecalls… and special surprises!! Click here

  • This book is from the class that Gary Douglas & Dain Heer did live in the Gold Coast, Australia. I sat in this class and listened to them talk about these tools on money for the third time round! At this class I finally made the demand to get out of debt, to change my point of view around money. It worked! This book has all the tools in it that got me out of debt. You do have to choose it!

  • This book is a true gift. It’s a gift as it’s an invitation for you to BE you! This reality does not ask you to be you, it asks you to try and be something you are not. Dain Heer was the first person I heard that invited me to BE me, no matter what it took and no matter what it looked like.

  • The Place is a book I had the honour of hearing Gary read aloud chapters as he wrote them in different hotel rooms all over the world in-between classes that would make tears stream down our faces. Gary would look up and say “is it bad?” My response: “It’s brilliant! It talks about everything that I have always known should exist on this planet, the communion we can have with the land, with people and the awareness we can have and BE with everything.” This is literally a book that talks about what I would like to create in the world today.

    Read the book | Listen to Gary tell the story