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You have always had choice.
What change can we be today?


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Simone Milasas Podcast

69. What if You get to Soar Above Everything?

Dan von Borstel shares his story with Simone of how he found the strength and courage to create his life after being kidnapped. He could hide out for the rest of his life or choose happiness….

68. What if The Universe has an Impeccable Sense of Timing?

Dr Dain Heer speaks with Simone Milasas on this episode about mental health challenges in the world right now, his journey with mental health and being you, change the world!

67. What’s Funny About This You Are Not Laughing At?

Melanie Meade joins Simone Milasas to talk about what’s funny about it you aren’t laughing at! When life hands you lemons this is an episode filled with tools to get happy and stay there…. and still handle the good, the bad and the ugly of life.

66. Consciousness is Contagious

What can we choose today that creates the world to be greater than it was yesterday?

Simone Milasas Podcast

65. Great Relationships – Together, Apart… It’s Just A Choice

Kalpana Raghuramen shares some amazing insights with Simone Milasas into how throughout her 12-year marriage she and her husband have created global careers and neither their personal or professional lives suffered or were sacrificed. It’s a glimpse into relationships done different.

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