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Simone has written three books Joy of Business, Creating Your Own Financial Reality and Getting Out of Debt Joyfully.

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  • What if business is the adventure of living?

    What if business was joyful and fun? What if it was so much more than you ever perceived possible?

    If you were creating your business from the joy of it – what would you choose? What would you change? What would you choose if you knew you could not fail?

  • Create your financial future

    “Awesome, awesome book. I am so happy I bought it … I ate it in one sitting ? And this is book for rereading, stopping at certain points, pondering … the book certainly propelled me to some new spaces and gave me new perspectives on my financial reality. Awesome book! Thank you Simone for writing it!” – Amazon Review

  • #1 Best Seller on Amazon in Money and Budgeting

    The insight and wisdom in this book truly resonates for me on so many levels – as an investor, entrepreneur, and most of all CFO of our business and our life. What a gift this book will be to so many people! ​

    – Chutisa Bowman, ​​Benevolent Capitalism