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I’m in Rome, Italy with Dr. David Kubes, a previous guest on the show and good friend. He’s an inspiration to me in so many things that he chooses, and he’s always willing to take a look at what’s not working and change it. Join us for a discussion on how you can create more…

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Have you ever seen or heard from a ghost? Our fourth show on suicide awareness addresses communicating with entities. Shannon O’Hara is our guest, and she is an amazing Access Consciousness facilitator and author of the book, “Talk To The Entities.” Join us for an enlightening discussion on how you can experience the freedom and…

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Our series on Suicide Awareness continues with Lauren Polly, a certified Access Consciousness facilitator and author of the book “The Other Side of Bipolar,” which was inspired by her own journey through a bipolar diagnosis and eventually an overturn of her diagnosis 14 years later. On today’s podcast: Suicide Awareness Month Lauren’s experience with bipolar…

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Long time friend and returning guest Christopher Hughes is with us to discuss his sister’s lifelong struggle with sexuality and her suicide. Join us for a conversation about accepting ourselves and others, changing our headspace, and choosing life right now. On today’s podcast: Thinking we’re wrong Changing our headspace Choosing life right now Links: Christopher…

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My guest today is Anthony Mattis, a certified Access Consciousness facilitator and an amazing healer with energy. Join us for a conversation on suicide and what tools you can use in order to prevent it. On today’s podcast: The struggles of mental illness Don’t buy into other people’s opinions Not being able to take it…

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Today’s guest is one of my very good friends, Christopher Hughes. Join us for a fun conversation about why it’s important to always be you and allow yourself to do what you’ve always wanted. On today’s podcast: You are a huge contribution to the world Allow yourself to be who you are Be free rather…

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Being global is about the willingness to be open. It’s important to go back to a child-like curiosity and embrace everything and everyone. Today I am joined by the wonderful Corinna Kaebel, here to share some pretty amazing stories. On today’s podcast: The enjoyment of diversity Be like a child Always follow the joy Want…

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You are the one that can change anything that is occuring in your life that is not working for you. You get to make the choice, not other people. Today I have a fantastic guest: Doris Schachenhofer. Join us for an exciting conversation on choices, changes, and endless possibilities. On today’s podcast: The empowerment of…

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Foreign languages and translations should never stop you from creating your dream life. My guest today is the lovely Francesca Fiorentini, a true Venetian here to discuss how to expand your consciousness beyond limits. On today’s podcast: Creating makes us feel alive You don’t need to speak the same language to understand each other Create…

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My guest today is the lovely Melanie Meade. Melanie works with me, she is part of the Joy of Business team. Today we talk about how you can create the business you deserve. On today’s podcast: Everything changed with Access Consciousness Be aware that you are a contribution Give yourself more freedom Always question what…

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