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What if the purpose of your body and your life was to have fun?

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What if you life is your business?

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How big would you like your life to be?

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Relationships Redone

Greater than imagined!

Simone Milasas

This is a Quick Synopsis of Simone Milasas.

Universe & You

 It never shows up how you think it's going to!

Gone are the days when we could rely on a single business or income stream to bring in the money we desire to have in our lives. What if your financial reality was something you could increase with ease? There are probably many, many things you’re working on all the time. That certainly is true…

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Want to change your view about money? Learn new tools and ideas to help you build wealth for the future. On today’s podcast: Put the fun back in business Change your point of view about money Learn how a Ten Percent Account can change everything Why being bad at being you is good for your…

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On today’s podcast, Simone is joined by Megan Hill who is one of her favorite people to create with. Megan spent ten years working in marketing and advertising in the corporate world. She wanted to work with Access Consciousness, but they couldn’t afford her. After having her baby, she didn’t go back to the agency…

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Have you ever made 2-minute noodles? You know, the noodles that come in a pack that you add to boiling water with a packet of spices, and viola! In two minutes, dinner is served. Well, when I was in college, I ate a lot of 2-minute noodles. They were cheap. Rather than feeling sorry for…

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On today’s podcast, Simone is joined by Steven and Chutisa Bowman who have been hers and Brendon’s financial advisors for years, and Dr David Kubes who helps with the international law with Access Consciousness. Simone sees so many people destroy their businesses with micromanaging, and asks ‘what is it about being in charge which leads…

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On today’s podcast, Simone talks to Glenna Rice about the art of talking to your business. Glenna is a physical therapist by trade, and began working self-employed 23 years ago. Glenna loved the flexibility and ease of being her own boss. She took somebody workshops and thought “this is what I want to do”, then…

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Andrea Belluso is the photographer who took the picture for Simone’s podcast. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Andrea, his wife Amanda Belluso, and her brother Viktor who run House of Belluso together. Lighting is Andrea’s speciality, and he spreads his knowledge of light in the Art of Light workshops. He had a…

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On today’s podcast, Simone is joined by Steve and Chutisa Bowman, and Brendon Watt. They used to have financial 101s together, which Brendon hated at first but things have changed in the last seven years. Simone calls Steve and Chutisa two of the most creative people she’s ever met as they always ask questions. When…

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On today’s podcast, we’re joined by Sarah Watt, Simone’s sister in law, where we talk about the way we create and the way we are with our bodies. Simone says that she, like most people, used to have her go-to exercise of running but it stopped giving her the results she wanted. Since she’s been…

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On today’s podcast, we’re joined by Simone’s best friend and partner Brendon Watt to discuss relationships and money. There are so many rules and agendas and points of views about relationships and money, that people hate talking about it. Simone and Brendon give pointers and discuss what they choose, and recommend you choose what works…

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