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You are the one that can change anything that is occuring in your life that is not working for you. You get to make the choice, not other people. Today I have a fantastic guest: Doris Schachenhofer. Join us for an exciting conversation on choices, changes, and endless possibilities. On today’s podcast: The empowerment of…

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Foreign languages and translations should never stop you from creating your dream life. My guest today is the lovely Francesca Fiorentini, a true Venetian here to discuss how to expand your consciousness beyond limits. On today’s podcast: Creating makes us feel alive You don’t need to speak the same language to understand each other Create…

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My guest today is the lovely Melanie Meade. Melanie works with me, she is part of the Joy of Business team. Today we talk about how you can create the business you deserve. On today’s podcast: Everything changed with Access Consciousness Be aware that you are a contribution Give yourself more freedom Always question what…

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Today’s show is all about how to talk so that your public listens. Together with the wonderful, amazing PR agent Justine McKell, I encourage you to stand out from the crowd and be astonishing! On today’s podcast: Trust yourself and be authentic What can my audience hear? Have a structure and get feedback Hire a…

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Are you exploring all the possibilities that are available to you? Don’t choose to function from what this reality has defined you as. Here to assist you in changing and to help you realize that you do have choice are Simone and her guest, Michelle McDonald. On today’s podcast: Don’t choose limitations Give up definitions…

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Today I am with my enjoyable other, Brendon Watt. This episode is all about choices, possibilities, and being grateful that we can be vulnerable and present with each other. On today’s podcast: Why do you want to be in a relationship? Don’t give up on yourself Being different is an act of courage Go for…

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This week I am joined by the amazing Wendy Mulder. Together we discuss how to deal with grief when you’ve lost a loved one, and how to allow the gift of possibilities from the entire universe to show up in your life. On today’s podcast: You should be able to die when you choose to…

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My guest this week is Katarina Wallentin, a good friend of mine joining all the way from Sweden. We talk about a wonderful book she co-wrote with Dr. Dain Heer, a book that invites children and parents alike to look at things from a different perspective. On today’s podcast: You are unique, just like a…

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How do you raise children while juggling work without giving up YOU? My good friend Lauren Marie has a lot to say on the subject. Work offers her generative energy and ends up making her a better mother to her children. On today’s podcast: Getting generative energy from work Work can make you a better…

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Are you aware of the fact that you are the one creating the problems in your life? First comes awareness, then comes change. Meet the wonderful, adorable Lauren Marie, here to discuss turning problems into endless possibilities. On today’s podcast: Using time, money, and sickness as excuses to not create What’s your favorite problem? Play…

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