Happy Body

What if the purpose of your body and your life was to have fun?

Joy of Business

What if you life is your business?

Lavish Lifestyle

How big would you like your life to be?

Money Magic

Have the magic and brilliance money can be!


Relationships Redone

Greater than imagined!

Universe & You

 It never shows up how you think it's going to!

On today’s podcast, we’re joined by Simone’s best friend and partner Brendon Watt to discuss relationships and money. There are so many rules and agendas and points of views about relationships and money, that people hate talking about it. Simone and Brendon give pointers and discuss what they choose, and recommend you choose what works…

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On today’s podcast, we are joined by Christopher Hughes. A fellow Access Consciousness facilitator, and former flatmate of Simone’s. Christopher has been an opera singer for a long time and realized when he was young that he loved performing and being on stage. He came from a small town in Canada which wasn’t a place…

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A bad day is something people don’t desire to talk about, as we see others on social media only portraying how wonderful their life is. On today’s podcast, we are joined by Lauren Marie to discuss what we do with a bad day when we’re feeling cranky. Every choice we make creates something different, and…

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We talk to Steven and Chutisa Bowman, who quit their stable six-figure corporate jobs in order to create together. Chutisa started the conversation by asking Steven, “is now the time for us to choose to create something totally different in our lives?”, and from that they came together to start a business from ground zero…

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I thought relationships were not for me… Years ago I decided I was never going to have a long-term relationship. Eight-week relationships, or the three-month wonder, those worked just fine. I simply didn’t desire long term relationships, mostly because I didn’t see any good ones. Then one day while talking with the founder of Access Consciousness®…

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If money were your lover, what kind of lover would you be? Do you enjoy money? Do you play with money? Do you allow it to contribute to you? Or, do you fight with money? Ignore it? Avoid it? Despise it? Yell it and blame it for what’s not working? Whatever your current relationship with…

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