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Be needless in business? How come and why? Today’s show is all about irrationality and letting go of conventional ways of doing business. My guests are Chutisa and Steve Bowman, two amazing Access Consciousness facilitators with a baggage full of useful information and tools to share. On today’s podcast: Let go of your need No…

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What if you didn’t judge anything you were being or anything that you chose? My father was an accountant he did not stop there he invested, imported, had a butchers shop and owned a plumbers. Not all were successful, but that didn’t matter that they weren’t profitable they added an energy to his life. My…

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Do you find it difficult to be yourself? Today we are joined Access Consciousness facilitator Dr. Dain Heer who shares amazing tools you can use in your journey of self-discovery. On today’s podcast: Getting your mojo back after the holidays The benefits of walking through the storm What to ask yourself when you want something…

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Should you let go of being rational? YES. Being irrational will bring you comfort, ease, and will most likely end in boosting your business. Join me for a lovely talk with Access Consciousness facilitator Rebecca Hulse on the benefits of irrationality. On today’s podcast: Just because you started a business, that doesn’t mean that you…

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Do you have a list of what is wrong with you that is longer than what is amazing about you? While others see how amazing and brilliant you are, you are your own worst enemy. What if you got out of your own way – stop judging your life, stop commenting and start creating. Start…

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If you created your reality today, what would it look like? Today we joined by Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas who advises us to make choices in order to get what we want. On today’s podcast: Every choice you make creates something different Money is easy if you are just willing to ask for it…

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My guest this week is the lovely Christopher Hughes. Surrounded by jewels, we talk about what they contribute to the lives of people. On today’s podcast: Every piece of jewelry has a story Getting interested in jewelry How we value stones Wearing jewelry goes back thousands of years How pearls are made Want more of…

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Are you arrogant enough to be everything you can be? When you are not willing to accept anything less, you know what to create, you know where you want to go – there is an arrogance to that. Are you ready to take the leap and create what you know is possible? It is your…

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This week I am joined by my lovely enjoyable other, Brendon Watt. We discuss why you should never be needy in a relationship, how to start giving yourself permission to be vulnerable and start receiving more, and why having gratitude for everything that happens in your life is a complete game-changer. On today’s podcast: Be…

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What do you think you know about business? Today we reverse roles and have Access Consciousness facilitator Marnie Barranco interview Simone. Join us for an interesting talk on the subject of business, and how to get better at it. On today’s podcast: What if business was creation? Believe in yourself What if everything was an…

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