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Are you aware of the fact that you are the one creating the problems in your life? First comes awareness, then comes change. Meet the wonderful, adorable Lauren Marie, here to discuss turning problems into endless possibilities. On today’s podcast: Using time, money, and sickness as excuses to not create What’s your favorite problem? Play…

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Can business be done joyfully? Without a shadow of doubt, YES! This week I am joined by the wonderful Emily Russell and we playfully reverse roles as guest and interviewer. Tune in for an episode filled with valuable and actionable advice on how to conduct your business in a different way. On today’s podcast: Business…

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  Is there anyone else truly like you? You will make choices that work for you, they may not be the choices other people will make and that is okay. Comparing you to others never creates more, it does not allow what you know to be created in the world. There are choices of possibilities…

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Have you ever listened to what your business has to say to you? If you’re an employee, are you afraid to be yourself while at work? Access Consciousness facilitator Laleh Hancock shares her wisdom on how to enjoy everything your business has to offer while staying true to yourself. On today’s podcast: Your business also…

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Andrea Belluso is the photographer who took the picture for Simone’s podcast. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Andrea, his wife Amanda Belluso, and her brother Viktor who run House of Belluso together. Lighting is Andrea’s speciality, and he spreads his knowledge of light in the Art of Light workshops. He had a…

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 What if life was about having fun? Not about having a family, a job, a perfect body. All these standards that society imposes on us can bring us to madness. My guest this week, the wonderful Chris Hughes, and I come to your rescue: it’s all about you and about how much fun you’re…

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Your choices create your future. My guest this week is the wonderful Diva Diaz, on a mission to empower X-Men (people with OCD, autism, ADHD etc.) to realize that their awareness has value and that they can create so much more. On today’s podcast: X-Men function from a different perspective Explore how you function individually…

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Be needless in business? How come and why? Today’s show is all about irrationality and letting go of conventional ways of doing business. My guests are Chutisa and Steve Bowman, two amazing Access Consciousness facilitators with a baggage full of useful information and tools to share. On today’s podcast: Let go of your need No…

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What if you didn’t judge anything you were being or anything that you chose? My father was an accountant he did not stop there he invested, imported, had a butchers shop and owned a plumbers. Not all were successful, but that didn’t matter that they weren’t profitable they added an energy to his life. My…

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