Happy Body

What if the purpose of your body and your life was to have fun?

Joy of Business

What if you life is your business?

Lavish Lifestyle

How big would you like your life to be?

Money Magic

Have the magic and brilliance money can be!


Relationships Redone

Greater than imagined!

Simone Milasas

This is a Quick Synopsis of Simone Milasas.

Universe & You

 It never shows up how you think it's going to!

Are you judging other people’s sexuality or your own? Access Consciousness facilitator Christopher Hughes shares some amazing insight on what tools you can use in order to escape judgment and have more freedom. On today’s podcast: Choose the lightness You should stop judging Receive everything from everyone Don’t surround yourself with people who are judging…

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There is no how as to the way money shows up.  Money magnetises to you when you are creating a future. When you are willing to invest in your future the money will show up. If you look at your life and you do not have anything you are desiring to create, money does not…

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What if Valentine’s day was a celebration of your choices, instead of a reminder of your singleness? Access Consciousness facilitators Marnie Barranco, Sylvia Puentes and Sarah Watt discuss why it’s important to feel joyful and complete without a man in your life. On today’s podcast: What if being single on Valentine’s day was not a…

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Are you passionate about judging yourself? It’s time to let go of that. Today we are joined by two amazing Access Consciousness facilitators, Brendon Watt and Francesca Fiorentini, who share incredible tools for empowering your life. On today’s podcast: Acknowledge your greatness Start adding more things to your life Choose gratitude over judgment Let go…

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How often do you judge your body? Today we are joined by Access Consciousness facilitator Donnielle Carter who challenges you to view your body from a more caring perspective, and to start creating a different reality. On today’s podcast: Start creating from what you have, instead of what you don’t have Choose the energy of…

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 Have you ever considered investing? Access Consciousness facilitator Margie Hulse is here to share her financial wisdom and get you to expand your wealth beyond your wildest dreams. On today’s podcast: Choose to do something different with your money You don’t need to have much money to start investing Ask people for advice Have…

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Do you find it difficult to be yourself? Today we are joined Access Consciousness facilitator Dr. Dain Heer who shares amazing tools you can use in your journey of self-discovery. On today’s podcast: Getting your mojo back after the holidays The benefits of walking through the storm What to ask yourself when you want something…

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When you are not following anyone else’s reality, you are actually creating your own. Today Simone Milasas shares vital advice for the start of the year, empowering you to want to turn your financial situation around and start creating the reality you desire. On today’s podcast: What if you could perceive, know, be, and receive…

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