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If you created your reality today, what would it look like? Today we joined by Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas who advises us to make choices in order to get what we want. On today’s podcast: Every choice you make creates something different Money is easy if you are just willing to ask for it…

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Creating new projects is something Rebecca Hulse refers to as “making cool stuff,” and she’s phenomenal at it. Rebecca has been working with Simone and Joy of Business for several years, and she’s here to discuss her new project, the 2019 Joy of Business Planner. Listen to learn how to create with ease, joy, and…

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With so many balls in the air and so many things going on, how do you get the infrastructures in place to handle the details? Sarah Watt is a Joy of Business Certified Facilitator, and she joins Simone today to discuss how to get organised and create with your business. Listen to learn how taking…

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How is this reality holding you and your business back? Listen as today’s guest, Marnie Barranco, joins Simone to discuss how reference points and objectives act as limitations to creating a life and a business that is beyond this reality and how to choose something different. On today’s podcast: Having reference points can limit what…

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This week I am joined by my lovely enjoyable other, Brendon Watt. We discuss why you should never be needy in a relationship, how to start giving yourself permission to be vulnerable and start receiving more, and why having gratitude for everything that happens in your life is a complete game-changer. On today’s podcast: Be…

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What do you know and what could you create from that? Lauren Marie is a Joy of Business facilitator and entrepreneur, and she’s here to discuss her new business called Undefined Designs, and how she created a business from what she loves doing. On today’s podcast: Acknowledge what you know You can use your abilities…

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What if you woke up every morning and asked, What grand and glorious adventures am I going to have with my business today? Today’s guests, Joy of Business facilitators–and sisters–Arlene Schmidek & Cathy Dool, have been involved with the family business for almost 20 years, and they know first hand the challenges and rewards of…

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Kick starting your business is about so much more than just starting up. Today we’re talking with Christopher Hughes about the tools, processes, and ways you can change your business and your life. Listen to learn how to kick start your business, and if you just have a great idea, how to physically actualize that…

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Can you have a successful business without having to work hard? Amanda Belluso is a Joy of Business facilitator and manages Right Voice For You, a specialty class in Access Consciousness. She’s also a successful businesswoman, running House of Belluso with her husband and brother, and recently starting her newest venture: Blonde Girl Business. Listen…

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Today I am with my enjoyable other, Brendon Watt. This episode is all about choices, possibilities, and being grateful that we can be vulnerable and present with each other. On today’s podcast: Why do you want to be in a relationship? Don’t give up on yourself Being different is an act of courage Go for…

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